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Our Services

At Harwood Joinery and Furniture we take the upmost care and attention to detail when undertaking any of our joinery services, producing quality furniture and joinery to the highest standard. We believe that if it is made from timber, we can do it so will be happy to discuss any projects with you. Our work includes, but is not limited to:

Bespoke Hand Made Kitchens

The kitchen is often seen as the heart of the home. Your home can be truly transformed with a handcrafted kitchen from Harwood Joinery and Furniture.


Each project undertaken is designed specifically to suit your requirements. We will work closely with you throughout the project to develop ideas, ensuring the design is totally unique. You will be left with a kitchen that works just for you.


From the most exotic veneers to the best quality timbers from sustainable sources, the choice and combination of materials is limited only by your imagination.


Keeping up to date with reliable suppliers ensures access to a variety of great quality hardware and fittings. Our aim is to produce a beautiful and functional space for you to enjoy for many years.

Doors, Windows, Gates & Porches

All of our external joinery is designed individually to meet your requirements.

Energy efficiency and security are key elements; therefore, we keep up to date with modern glazing, seals and ironmongery to ensure the highest standards are maintained.


We can manufacture any style of door or window in a variety of timbers. Our joinery services include:

  • External & internal doors

  • Gates

  • Porches

  • Casement windows

  • Sash windows

  • Curved doors or windows

  • Garage doors


A timber conservatory can be a great addition to any home. We can work closely with builders and architects to produce a beautiful new rom for your home.


At Harwood Joinery and Furniture we use the highest quality timbers from certified sustainable sources alongside the latest in glass technology
to create a thermally efficient and light new living space.

Fitted Furniture

Made to measure fitted furniture can completely transform a room and create great storage space.


We are often complimented on designing furniture to maximise a space for its intended use; while maintaining beautiful form, Complimenting the room.

We can offer a variety of materials and finishes, crafting a unique piece of furniture specifically for you.

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